Car Maintenance Industry

Car Maintenance Industry

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Car maintenance industry

Where specified special skills foreigners who accept in the field of automobile maintenance are required to engage in work requiring skills that require considerable knowledge or experience, as set forth in the Ordinance 1 of the Ordinance on Specified Skills Standards, You must be primarily engaged in the work described in this Schedule which requires the skills identified by passing the exams listed in this Schedule.
In addition, as described in the operation guidelines according to fields, it is acceptable for them to be engaged in related work in which Japanese people who are engaged in the work are usually engaged.

In addition, for example, the following can be assumed to be applicable to related work.

(Note) It is not permitted to engage in related duties exclusively

・Description of maintenance contents and sales of related parts

・Part number search

・Ordering work in department

・Maintenance and adjustment work of vehicle frame and body

・Installation work of electrical components such as navigation and ETC

・Automotive sheet metal painting work

・Car wash work

・Under-painting work

・Car cleaning work

・Cleaning work on the premises

・Parts transportation work

・Cleaning work for equipment

In addition, in the technical internship program, as a definition of work, it must be “work on a car disassembly and maintenance office that has received certification from the director of the local transport department (the type of target equipment is not limited. It should be noted that the types of target vehicles are excluded from automobile disassembly and maintenance sites for only two-wheeled vehicles. ”However, as for specific skills, the automobile disassembly and maintenance business has received certification from the regional transport director. Operations in the field where the types of equipment targeted are limited, and where the types of vehicles targeted are only two-wheeled vehicles are also classified as operations in the field of automobile maintenance

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