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19 de June de 2019 Comments Off on Aviation Industry By Kinjo

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Aviation industry

No. 1 specified skills foreigners who accept in the field of aviation are required to engage in work requiring skills that require considerable knowledge or experience as specified in Article 1 (1) of the Ordinance of the Specified Skills Standards Ministry, Based on the separate operation policy and the field-specific operation guidelines, you must be mainly engaged in the work described in this schedule which requires skills confirmed by passing the exam described in this schedule.

The way of thinking of the business described in this Schedule is as follows.

・For the airport ground handling business category (airport ground handling (ground driving support work, baggage handling and cargo handling work, etc.)), aircraft ground running support duties, baggage handling and cargo handling services, and loading and unloading of baggage and cargo This applies to cleaning work inside and outside the aircraft (hereinafter referred to as “Airport Grand Handling”)

・With regard to the work category of aircraft maintenance (aircraft maintenance (maintenance work of aircraft, equipment, etc.)), maintenance work of the aircraft’s airframe, equipment or parts carried out in operation maintenance, aircraft maintenance, equipment / motor maintenance etc. This applies to (hereinafter referred to as “aircraft maintenance etc.”).

-In addition, when performing business operations, it is necessary to comply with laws and regulations such as the Aviation Act, safety management rules, business rules, flight and maintenance rules, and rules such as internal rules.

In addition, as described in the operation guidelines according to fields, it is acceptable for them to be engaged in related work in which Japanese people who are engaged in the work are usually engaged.

In addition, for example, the following can be assumed to be applicable to related work.

(Note) It is not permitted to engage exclusively in related business.

・Office work

・Organization and cleaning of work place

・Snow removal of work place at the time of snowfall

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