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Hiring Foreigners – Sector Building Cleaning

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Hiring specified skilled foreigners in the field of building cleaning-conditions, work content, examination

The building cleaning field, which cleans the inside of a building, is one of the industrial fields for which the status of residence for specific skills has been granted.

In the building cleaning industry, labor shortages are pointed out every year, and it is expected that the acceptance of foreigners will improve the hiring situation of companies.

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Building cleaning

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Commercial services in which the 1st specific skill foreigner in the building cleaning field is engaged in the protection of the hygienic environment, maintenance of aesthetics, securing of safety for the interior of buildings (excluding housing) used by a large number of users For the purpose of improvement of maintenance and maintenance, the cleaning business is carried out by appropriately selecting methods, detergents and tools for differences in places, parts, construction materials, dirt etc., and eliminating environmental pollutants present in buildings. It will be a task to maintain cleanliness.

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