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Electrical and Electronics Information Industry

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Electrical and electronics information industry

It is required that the establishment where the 1st specific skill foreigner in the field of electric and electronic information related industries is active is performing any of the following industries listed in the Japanese Standard Industry Classification.

1 Middle classification 28-electronic parts, devices, electronic circuit manufacturing industry

2 Medium classification 29-electrical machinery manufacturing industry (fine classification 2922-internal combustion engine electrical equipment manufacturing industry and fine classification 2929-other industrial electrical mechanical equipment manufacturing industry (excluding for vehicles and vessels))

3 middle class 30-information communication machine equipment manufacturing industry

The fact that the industries listed in the above-mentioned Japanese Industrial Classification are conducted means that the shipments of manufactured goods, etc. occur for the items listed in the above 1 to 3 in the last one year at the place where the 1st designated skill foreigner is engaged in business. Refers to what you are doing. The product shipment value, etc. is the total of the product shipment value, the processing fee income, the shipment value of scrap waste and the amount of other income in the most recent year, and the consumption tax and liquor tax, tobacco tax, volatile oil tax and local volatilization It refers to the amount including tax.

(1) With regard to shipment of manufactured products, products manufactured using raw materials belonging to the ownership of the establishment (including those manufactured by supplying raw materials to domestic establishments of other companies) When shipped from the office.

(2) The amount of processing rental income refers to the amount received when processing or processing is added to a product or semi-finished product belonging to another company’s ownership or manufactured from the main raw materials belonging to another company’s ownership during the last year. It means the processing fee to be paid or received.

3 The amount of other income is other than the above 1 and 2 and the amount of shipment of waste (for example, resale income (purchased or received and sold as it is), repair fee income, refrigerated storage fee and surplus power of private power generation Amount of sales income, etc.).

As specified in Article 1 (1) of the Ordinance of the Ministry of Specific Skills Standards, foreign nationals who accept No. 1 specific skills accepted in the electric and electronic information related industry field should engage in work requiring skills that require considerable knowledge or experience. If you are required, you must be mainly engaged in the work described in this Schedule which requires the skills identified by the passing of the exams listed in this Schedule.

In addition, as described in the field-specific operation guidelines, it may be incidental to engage in related work in which Japanese people who are engaged in the work will normally be engaged.

In addition, for example, the following can be assumed to be applicable to related work.

(Note) It is not permitted to engage exclusively in related business.

1 Procurement and transportation of raw materials and parts

2 Front and back process work of each job type

3 Cranes, forklifts, etc. Operation work

4 Cleaning and maintenance work

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