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Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry

19 de June de 2019 Comments Off on Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry By Kinjo

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Food and drink manufacturing industry

Business that 1 specific skill foreigner engages in The business that 1 specific skill foreigner accepts in the food and drink manufacturing industry field engages in is the business defined in test policy 3 (1) and test policy 5 (1) In accordance with the above, the work required for the above-mentioned first exam pass or the type of job subject to shift to the second skill training No. 2 and skills required by the work completion (production and processing of food and drink (except liquor), safety and health) Say. At the same time, it is acceptable to engage in related work (procurement / acceptance of raw materials, delivery of products, cleaning, management of business establishments, etc.) where Japanese people who are engaged in the work are normally engaged. . The food and beverage manufacturing sector is subject to the business conducted by a company falling under the following Japan Standard Industry Classification.

09 Food manufacturing industry

101 Soft drink manufacturing industry

103 Tea and coffee manufacturing industry (excluding soft drinks)

104 Ice making industry 5861 Confectionery retail (production retail)

5863 Bread retailer (Manufacturing retailer)

5897 Tofu, kamaboko, etc.

Processed food retail business

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