Engineer Visa

Engineer Visa (技術 ・人文 知識 国際 業務)

  1. What is an engineer visa?

Engineer’s visa is an abbreviation for “engineer / specialist in humanities / international services”. It is applied to those who engage in activity that requires skills and knowledge in the field of the natural sciences, social and human sciences or activity that requires thought and sense based on the culture and language of foreign countries during their stay in Japan.

This type of visa allows the person to enjoy benefits such as bringing relatives to Japan, transferring jobs to higher education, receiving an equivalent salary from Japanese workers and having the opportunity to permanently reside in Japan.


  1. Conditions for granting engineer visas to Japan

Because countries have different systems, if you do not have a bachelor’s degree or higher, you should check whether you meet education requirements or not.

An engineer visa may be issued for one of the following occupations. Examples:

Engineering Area Specialist in Humanities International Services
Software engineer, system engineer, computer programmer, game programmer, IT project manager, software, computer, technology, science, architecture, biotechnology, construction, automobiles and so on, development engineer, automotive engine Accountant, economic analyst, financial analyst, work management, legal business, trading business Language school teachers, language teaching, translation, interpreting, copywriting, media, advertising or business abroad, clothing design or interior design, product development



Profession not applicable to the Humanities:
Most handcrafts do not apply to Humanities visa status, for example:waiter and waitress | cashier in a store, supermarket, restaurant, etc. | driver | construction site worker | workers assembling, sorting and / or packing parts and products etc.


In addition to the above professions, you must also ensure the following conditions:

a. Graduated in subjects related to skill / knowledge in the field of natural sciences or humanities and has graduated from university, or received education at a similar or higher level;

b. Graduated in subjects related to skills / knowledge in the field of natural or human sciences and completed a specialized course at an advanced vocational school in Japan (only those who received the diploma);

c. Have more than 10 years of professional experience (including the period spent majoring in the related subjects at university, etc.) 

However, items 1 to 3 above are not required if the person has one of the IT qualifications or has passed one of the IT exams specified in the announcements by the Minister of Justice.


Cases related to sensory work based on foreign culture should address two of the following:

  • Translation, interpretation, language teaching: limited to mother tongue speakers or persons with professional qualifications in foreign languages.
  • For activities related to translation, interpreting, language teaching: If you have a university or college degree, the conditions in (i) – (iii) below are ignored.

The experience or learning process is one of the following:

  • person with at least 3 years work-related experience;
  • you have finished necessary courses/classes related to your intended job in Japan and graduated the university, college or other equivalent school;
  • you have finished the vocational course / special school (professional training college) in Japan and obtained the diploma / certificate as “専門士 senmon-shi” in the related field for your intended job in Japan.
  1. Length of stay
    The duration of engineer visa is established by the Immigration Department. This visa period is quite long, maximum 5 years, maybe 3 years, 1 year or 3 months.

If you would like to continue in Japan with the same residency status: proceed with the procedure to extend residency status within 2 months prior to expiration of residency status.

  1. Family
    Husbands / wives and / or children of persons with the “engineer / specialist in humanities / international services” visa will be qualified with “dependent” status.