Etiquette at Work

Etiquette at Work

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Working style in Japan

1. Punctuality

Mentioning Japan on time is definitely an indispensable rule in Japanese working style. From the time the train runs, to the time to go to work, to meet customers, it’s not uncommon for Japanese people to arrive on time or 5 minutes earlier to prepare. This is a way to show respect and respect for the other person.


2. Give a business card

Giving business cards is absolutely indispensable in the working style in Japan. When handing out a business card, turn the card toward the opponent to make sure the recipient can read it correctly. Take care of the card with both hands, raising it near the opponent’s chest to show respect.

Receiving a business card also received with two hands and with eyes to show thanks, put the opponent’s business card in the appropriate position, respectfully on the table immediately after sitting down to talk.


3. Appearance

  1. The Japanese are very formal. So in the company, pay attention to show your image well through the clothes you wear.
  • Clothes: keep clothes clean, tidy, suitable for body size;
  • Shoes: shoes are also Japanese attention, so keep your shoes clean, suitable for foot size, with the working environment;
  • Hair style: hair style is an important part to impress your face to the other person. Especially in business, pay attention to hair style, hair color, dandruff. So keep your hair healthy and clean before you come to the company;
  • Bad breath: after eating foods with a strong smell such as fish, garlic, etc. attention should be paid to make mouth fragrant before meeting customers.


4. Hourensou culture (reporting – informing – consulting)

At work, the Japanese always put high responsibility. So even a slight mistake will evaluate your ability and quality of work. The decision alone not to accept the above opinion is difficult to accept in Japan even if it is the right solution So please ensure the principles of the Japanese company: before making any decision, you need to report it to the person in charge of you first, contact the people involved, and discuss together to find an appropriate plan. This is both to ensure your personal error and to show your collective respect.

5. Reciprocal telephone and e-mail

  • Listen to the phone: listen with a friendly attitude, listen after 3 times the bell, say your company name clearly;
  • Be polite and correct in the answers;
  • Always carry a notebook with you, not wasting time;
  • Voice: answer the phone clearly and accurately;
  • End the phone: do not hang up but wait for the opponent to hang up first.

6. Say thanks and sorry

Thanks and sorry to hear a lot in Japan even though the speakers were not wrong. That makes the listener feel more comfortable to continue the story. And that is also one of the salient traits of Japanese people: always think of the opponent’s feelings first.

The working culture in Japan has some points that are worth studying, and there are some points that are a bit rigid so study the culture of your country selectively. There are also many other workplace cultures, so please experience and feel the different ways the Japanese company works.


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