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Japanese language assessment

Japanese language proficiency is assessed on 5 levels of N5 to N1 from easy to difficult. N5 and N4 are tests for basic Japanese comprehension. N1, N2 are for checking Japanese language proficiency in real situation. N3 is a bridging level between N1/N2 and N4/N5.

The N5 through N1 exams are assessed through Listening, Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary skills. As follows:

Level How to verify the capacity
N1 Read:
– Can read types of commentary on diverse topics, read complexly written and theoretically complex texts, understand the structure and content of documents.
– Can read articles with in-depth content on a variety of topics, understand stories and express ideas.
– Can understand details of the story, the relationship between characters when listening to lectures, news, conversations in diverse situations.
N2 Read:
– Read paragraphs with clear topics, understand the content of articles, magazines, explanations, simple comments … on a variety of topics.
– Can read articles on general topics, understand the story’s content and expressive intent.
– Can understand everyday situations, natural speech in diverse situations such as conversations, news, content understanding, relationships between characters, grasp the main idea.
N3 Read:
– Reading comprehension of specific content, daily issues
– Understand the information from the newspaper title
– Can understand difficult sentences in everyday situations if spoken differently
– Can hear and understand specific content of stories, relationships between characters in everyday conversation
N4 Read:
– Can understand the commonly used sentences with basic vocabulary, kanji
– Can listen and understand content of conversation everyday if spoken slowly
N5 Read:
– Can understand fixed phrases, sentences, paragraphs written in Hiragana, Katakana, basic syllables daily
– Can hear essential information in short conversations, speak slowly in everyday situations such as classrooms, surrounding life
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