Obligations of foreigners residing in Japan

  Obligations of foreigners residing in Japan

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 Duty of tax payment

Foreigners with status of residence generally have an address in Japan, and if they are eligible for work they will earn income in Japan.

In such cases, you will be required to pay income tax according to the income tax law, and you will also have to pay the resident tax to the local government with the address.

In addition, there is an obligation to pay various social insurance premiums (National / Employment Pension, Health Insurance, Long-term Care Insurance, etc.).


Since there is no nationality requirement for these tax payments and social insurance premiums, they are treated the same as Japanese.

Instead, you can enjoy the same administrative services and social security as Japanese.



Carrying obligation of alien registration card

 Foreigners living in Japan are obliged to register as a foreigner at a local government with an address, and must always carry a “Certificate of Foreigner Registration” issued at that time and present it as necessary. It is supposed to be a must.

This is an effective means to check if you are staying illegally.


In addition, due to the change of residence system, the “Certificate of Alien Registration” is abolished, and in the future, it will switch to the obligation to carry a “Resident Card”.

However, as a transitional measure, until the status of residence status renewal etc. is newly distributed, it is possible to use the current foreign resident registration card as a substitute.



Application obligation at the time of departure

 Foreigners staying in Japan with a status of residence are required to obtain the permission of the Immigration Bureau whenever they leave Japan, even temporarily.

If you leave Japan without permission, your status of residence, which had been permitted until then, will be lost.

The excuse “I just left” does not apply. . .


The reason is that the legal basis of the status of residence is no longer a “foreigner staying in Japan” when he goes out of the country because he is entitled to “foreigner staying in Japan”. It will end up. . .

Therefore, it is necessary to apply in advance and obtain permission in order to maintain that position.


As a practical matter, if you leave Japan without any application, you can not judge whether it is temporary or permanent. Storing data carefully for the life expectancy of people who intend to leave permanently will put a considerable burden on administrative costs.


Of course, if you leave the country without your permission, you will need to start with obtaining your status of residence when you enter the country




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