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Businesses that accept No. 1 specified skill foreigners in the field of the restaurant industry must have the foreigners work at establishments classified as “eateries” or “take-outs and delivery restaurant services” in the Japanese Standard Industry Classification. You must.

・ Cafeteria

・ Restaurant

・ Restaurant

・ Cafe

・ Fast food restaurant

・ Take-out specialty store (thing that delivers food and drink items cooked in the store)

・ Delivery store (delivery of food and drink prepared in the store)

・ Catered restaurant etc

The division of work that the 1st specified skill foreigner of the restaurant industry is engaged in is as follows.

・ Food and drink preparation

・ Customer service

・ Store management

・ Other food service industry in general

At the same time, it is considered acceptable to engage in related work (procurement / acceptance / delivery of raw materials) that the Japanese people who are engaged in the work normally engage in.

No. 1 Specified Skills Foreigners are engaged in “entertainment business such as eating and drinking” as defined in Article 2 paragraph 4 of the Law on the Regulation of Sex Business etc. and the Adjustment of Business etc. Do not work at a sales office.

Even in the business of “food and drink”, “service”, and “store management”, it is not possible to work the 1st designated skill foreigner at a sales office that operates “entertainment restaurant business”.

No. 1 Specified Skill Foreigners should not be treated as “entertainment” as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Sex Sales Act.

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