Student Visa


The student visa is issued for the following situations:

■ to study in Japanese language schools
■ to study high school
■ to study at universities (baccalaureate, masters, doctorate, etc.)

A student visa is required if the course lasts longer than 06 months. The period of stay of this type of visa can be up to 02 years, depending on the duration of the course.

At first, anyone can apply for a visa, regardless of age, profession, whether or not they are Japanese. But it is noteworthy that some schools and colleges have their own requirements.

Before filing your visa application with the Japanese government, the school will assess whether you will accept your application. Therefore, for this analysis, documents may vary by institution.

In addition, some institutions have additional requirements such as medical exams or report cards. Japanese colleges, for example, require students to take the EJU (a kind of Japanese ENEM for foreigners) and get a good grade.

Part time job
It is allowed to work part time, for a maximum of 28 hours per week. You can do any kind of work as long as you are not connected to bars, gambling or other businesses linked to the “adult entertainment” universe.

Residency status renewal
Visas must be renewed annually by schools / colleges, but they may choose not to renew them if the student has a low class attendance.

Responsibilities and benefits of having a study visa
When you hold a student visa, you will be a “long-term resident” in Japan. This means that, like other residents, you must assume certain responsibilities such as contributing to public health insurance. Another important point is that you will not be able to enjoy promotions and exclusive passes for tourists, such as JR Pass, for example.
On the other hand, compared to tourist status, you will have many more options for renting out your apartment, your mobile phone plan, opening a bank account and taking advantage of the public health system.

Convert study visa to work visa
You can convert student visas to work visas if you meet all the necessary prerequisites, such as minimum training time, proven experience in the field, and more.